TRV is Clean Energy Certified


Manhattan Mini Storage, wanted to upgrade their outdated systems with the latest clean heat technology. The facility originally used natural gas burning boilers for space heating, and a cooling system with a combination of modular chillers and packaged air conditioning units.

Edison Properties teamed up with TRV Mechanical and Con Edison to retrofit the existing building with energy-efficient air-source and variable refrigerant flow heat pumps. The new system delivers 100% of the space heating and cooling to eight floors of the building. Air-source heat pumps are two to three times more efficient than a conventional natural gas-fed boiler system. This helps Manhattan Mini Storage save year-round on energy bills, while cutting their annual emissions by 91 metric tons of carbon dioxide. This saving complies with Local Law 97 and is a win for their operating costs and the planet. Contact TRV Mechanical today (908) 241-6111 to find out how we can help efficiently modernize your air systems.

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