HEPA Filtration to block recirculation of air-borne contaminates.

We can modify your existing HVAC system to help rid your home of viruses and contaminates to keep you healthy. A modern, well-maintained HVAC system, contributes greatly to a healthy in-home, or office environment in three important ways:

  • Stopping the growth of viruses
  • Filtering viruses from the air
  • Expelling stale, contaminated air from the premises

Below are options TRV Mechanical South can use to turn your existing HVAC system into a first line of defense against COVID-19. Give us a call at (908) 241-6111; or email us at regina@trvmechanical.com  

  • COVID-19 HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) Filters
    • UV-C Light
  • Magnetic Mount Package Air Purification System
    • Germicidal UV light rays have been used for decades by medical industry as a method for destroying micro-organisms.  99% reduction of airborne bacteria, MOLD, odors and virus
  • Photohydroionization 
    • Advanced Oxidation process AOP to purify the air 99% reductions in H1N1, MRSA, Staph, Strep, Norwalk, Listeria
  • Fresh-Aire UV Systems
    • 99.999% reduction on microorganisms.  Installed in the HVAC unit and/or ductwork and designed to disinfect surfaces and the air as it circulates through the ventilation system. Great to reduce mold and pathogens that are found in HVAC systems and drain pans.
  • Reme Halo 
    • increased ionized hydro-peroxide output which gives faster kill rates for microbials in the air as well as on surfaces